Thursday, September 3, 2009

Treating the Skin Inside Out

As a child I had re-occuring tonsillitis. When I was in my very early teens, my skin started to break out badly. The skin on my face was always red with inflamed bumps. Underneath were these deep cysts. My misery continued for 12 years.

It was at this point, that in desperation, I went to a dermatologist who put me on a wide range antibiotic. I remained on this drug for five more years. Although my skin was problem-free, by this point I was having repeated yeast infections and digestive problems, and my cycle was wonky. I also had re-occurring rhinitis and sinusitis.

All in all, this-bucket-of-misery was my sorry self until the age of 34, when I had my wake-up call. An alternative health practitioner helped me identify that I had an intolerance to cow’s dairy (that was the cysts, tonsillitis, rhinitis and sinusitis), was allergic to oranges and the orange juice I drank by the gallon (the red inflamed bit was hives). My practitioner also determined that I had Candida, which is a systemic yeast infection that was made worse by the extended use of antibiotics. This explained the digestive issues, and wonky cycle. If I had only known…..

Often I see clients who complain about the condition of their skin, and many people mistakenly assume that they have a topical problem. When we understand the natural healing pathways of elimination in the body, we can see more clearly why the skin is showing the stress. Many skin conditions evolve from improper elimination. When the body gradually becomes overloaded with toxins, it attempts to eliminate them through eruptions through the skin.

Systemic problems that may show in the skin are: liver overload, poor kidney or bowel, elimination, allergies or even hormonal imbalances. Viral, bacterial, yeast, fungal, parasitical overgrowth and their generated wastes can affect the skin.

Small improvements in diet and lifestyle can begin remarkable changes to what we see in the mirror. A complementary health provider can help develop a specific, personal and customized detoxification plan. This would be a good first step towards improved health and appearance. I always encourage clients to look to the root of their problems, rather than just treat the symptoms.

I recommend the use of spring, distilled or filtered water such as reverse osmosis to cleanse the skin. Paper products such as facial tissue or even the use of ordinary tap water may be an irritant to dry, sensitive, or irritated skin. Don’t overlook laundry products being a source of irritation for the skin. You are making contact directly with your towels, sheets and pillow cases.

Many natural products help to protect and heal the skin. Although we have dramatically different skin, with different needs, both my 30 year old daughter and I use products from the same Organic Skin Care line. This company uses pectin and zinc cream bases; pure flowers, herbs and minerals. They use only food grade preservatives. I call it skin food.

I encourage my clients to choose a simple skin care program, using the purest natural ingredients. Keep your fingers out of the jar, and store products in the fridge. Like any good self care, the bottom line is ‘pick the best, keep it simple and stick to it’

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