Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Speaking Fluent Flake

Have you seen the movie ‘What the ‘Bleep’ Do We Know’? This movie had a 5 million dollar budget, complete with Hollywood state of the art special effects. It blew my hair back! Its subject?: quantum physics, how our thoughts and emotions change water, how our cells become addicted to dynamic emotions, how this dynamic mutates cells, how moving into choice changes our past and our future simultaneously, and how to reprogram our neurology through conscious intention.

According to Dr Oz, the next breakthrough in health is in the way of ‘energy medicine’. On a personal note, I am encouraged about this. I have been viewed as being part of the lunatic fringe for over 20 years. Hey! If I live long enough I might even be perceived as being main-stream.

Now, I want to make it clear that this information about energy bodies is not something that just arrived in my head. In Eastern medicine, there is recognition of the interface between the body physical and the body energetic. There have been a thousand years of study and observation in regard to chakras (energy wheels), meridians and energy and the meticulous use of acupuncture to open the flow of energy in a person’s body.

My interest in all things above the green has come about as a result of a natural curiosity, mixed with a driving need (see In a Tizzy). I ponder many things, such as; there is more space in our bodies than stuff. Question: is this just empty space? According to the new breed of scientists and researchers, this space isn’t empty, it’s full of energy. In fact, we are mostly energy. According to Bob Proctor, in the movie The Secret, there is enough energy in our body to light up a city for days.

Part of my educational background has been learning energy balancing techniques as well as the study of flower and gem essences and how they balance and relax the whole person energetically. So, here are my thoughts and ruminations.

Very early in our lives, when we find ourselves stressed beyond our ability to cope, we energetically fracture. I call these fault-lines. From that point forward, these stress-lines, even though they may be repaired superficially, are still there ready to shunt if the internal pressures become too great. The body energetic is still showing issues in the present from a past time. This is why we seem to have patterns that show themselves over and over (see Finding the Pattern).

The physical body and the mental body communicate. There is matter and thoughts that create matter. I believe that our thoughts attract the manifestation of matter that is in alignment with these thoughts. When our thoughts flow and are stress free, things manifest even faster. I also believe we can block the flow of the good coming to us, by indulging in negative thinking.

The emotional body and the spiritual bodies communicate. This is where we respond to poetry, music, and colour. Whereas homeopathics and gem essences work to shift consciousness of the physical/mental axis, flower essences work to shift consciousness of the emotional/spiritual axis.

Flower Essences help to charge up the spiritual-electrical blueprint. In its simplest form, the Vertical Axis, our South Pole, is connected to our source in nature. This is the root chakra, represented in the physical by our adrenals.

Our North Pole is connected to our source in spirit. It’s counterpart in the physical is the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. This energy flow follows the same pattern as our physical spine, and the whole endocrine system as well. Flower essences activate, charge up and make fluid the flow between our lower chakas (survival/animal nature) and our upper chakras (creative/human/spiritual nature).

Research, is a quest to observe and study through complete objectivity. It appeals to the linear left brain thinking. This thinking wants everything to be inside the box. Applying this research standard to flower essences would be like asking a chemist to quantify poetry, or the effect of a sonata. To use a quantum terminology, we would be ignoring the whole in our attempts to measure the part.

Often, those who like boxes and thinking inside them will say that’ if there is benefit, that it must be auto-suggestion, placebo, or psycho-somatic’. What I have noticed in the past is that that flower essences, have really helped to calm my anxious border collie and markedly perked up my daughter’s fish (see ‘What About Bob?’).

My Mom, who was one of the most practical souls on earth, had a favorite saying. “The Proof is in the Pudding.” In other words, if it works it works.

Tomorrow I promise I will be back to my non-flakey usual self.

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