Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Life-long Relationship

We tend to ride our bodies hard. A lack of good self-care can result in our bodies being chronically under nourished, over stimulated, over worked and under rested. On top of this our bodies are expected to tolerate stresses self-created by our own personalities. Our own internal dialogues bombard the cells of our bodies constantly with negative, abusive and demoralizing messages on an almost constant basis.

Emotions have a molecular weight. In other words, they are real. It is almost impossible to heal the physical body in the presence of chronic negative emotional chemistry. It creates a constant toxic down load. Such emotions are natural to the human condition.

However, as Martin Luther said “we cannot keep birds from flying overhead, but we can keep them from nesting in our hair”.

There are many ways to work with the program of habitual toxic thinking. There are many therapies that work with changing the feeling/thought/mind connection that have proven their effectiveness over time. Flower essences can help tremendously, as they work within the emotional body directly.

But of course, the first major step is to be aware that you are doing it to yourself and sincerely desire a change. If we are not willing to dig deep and be brutally honest with ourselves, we can find ourselves giving away the small addictions and withholding the emotional addictions; the ‘pay offs’ we are not willing to give up. We dig the juice!

As we harbour and feed such feelings as resentment, bitterness, disappointment, unforgiveness, and self-righteous indignation, we essentially invest so heavily in our past; we rob ourselves of our own future. And we think our bodies don’t know

Imagine this if you will; we are at a horse race. After the race is run, we interview the jockey. “Great ride, a little slow at the start…really picked up on the home stretch…really pushed hard and we came through.” and so on. Then we interview the horse. That’s when we get the real scoop on how aware, attuned, appreciative and compassionate the rider is.

Ride respectfully. Your body is yours for life.

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