Saturday, November 27, 2010

Detox Patches - Another way of reducing your toxic burden

Heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, nickel, mercury and aluminum are difficult to detox from the human body . In the past, I have had issues with methyl-mercury toxins being locked in my system.  Many attempts to move this toxic metal out of my body through the usual drainage protocols have been very ineffective.  Electronic Homeopathy treatments wouldn’t even budge it.

Mercury is one of the most potent neuro-toxins known to man.  Although your dentist may be very casual about putting mercury amalgams in your teeth, he/she, by law, has to be very particular about how this material is disposed of when they take it out of your mouth.  The reason is that mercury is a very toxic environmental substance.  Some agricultural chemicals are also difficult to detox through the usual channels of liver and kidneys.  Detox methods using the skin as a detox organ seem to be more effective.

I considered investing in an Ion Foot Bath Machine, but the machine is really expensive and not OK for everyone.  Why I chose the patches over the machine is there is no problem with using the patches for pregnant/nursing women for example.  Some people feel their heart racing when having an iron foot bath treatment.  The detox patches are slower and gentler.  There are no concerns for clients with cardio-vascular issues.

I have been using Body Detox Patches for about a year now. The patch looks like a square tea bag; and contains a course powder/fibre.  It is white and dry when it goes on.  What it looks like when it comes off, is a whole different thing.  Generally it is dark, black or dark brown and gooey, rather like honey. The used patches may smell nasty as well.  Over time, with consistent use, and your body unloads its toxin residues, the patch gets lighter in colour.  Sometimes I feel the patches ‘pull’.  It doesn’t hurt, but it feels weird.   They really do enhance any drainage program. 

I am a ballroom dancer as well, so getting the toxins and lactic acid out of my joints, feet and legs is a big deal.  These little wonders are also effective for removing metals, which is really tough any other way.  At bedtime, I just peal back the shield on the adhesive sheet, stick the patch sunny side up, and slap it onto the arch of my foot.  In the morning, I peal off the adhesive patch, and wash my feet.

Liver cleanses can be a misery if the stored toxins that are being released have difficulty exiting the body.  Nausea, cramping, bloating, prolonged fatigue and headaches are a common complaint, when there is ‘no easy way out’.  The whole digestive tract is governed by the liver.  This multi-purpose gland is located just beneath the ribs on your right side. The busy liver also works to filter the blood, biodegrade hormones and balance aspects of the immune system. 

The large intestine is the last process in the liver/digestive system.  In the bowel water is reclaimed and re-cycled back into the body and wastes are eliminated.  This is the reason for auto-intoxication.  When bowel transit time is slow, many people experience chronic sinus/bronchial congestion, laborious digestion, lymph congestion, or various skin issues.  Surprisingly, when questioned, most people consider their bowel elimination to be good even when they experience these signs of overload.

The body also pushes some forms of toxins to the adipose (fat) cells.  I believe there is a correlation between weight gain and toxin.  Extra care needs to be given to weight loss programs where the toxins released can damage the liver/gall bladder and kidneys.   

As a practitioner, I like to develop specific and unique programs for every client. An alkalizing food plan can initiate and enhance any detoxification process.  I recommend Vegge Greens, an alkaline ash green food complex that passively and consistently detoxes the blood and tissues.  It is nourishing and protective to the tissues as well.

Some people want or need a gentler approach. For some, a week of lemon juice in warm water every morning and fasting until lunchtime may work well. Others may do well with a more aggressive cleanse/fast.  Finding a good fibre product can really help to move toxins through the bowel.  Also some forms of fibre will bind with toxins held in the bowel and can really help the body release some of its toxic burden. Cleansing herbs can also really help the body ‘unload’.
The bottom line is, that I encourage everyone to do ‘anything in their power’ to maximize their body’s healing potential.  Taking care of oneself every day, doing simple things can have long term benefit. The Detox patches are simple and they can really help.

When I was really struggling with metal poisoning, this salad is all I wanted to eat.  I drizzled Udo's Oil on top of the cooled salad and garnished it with a topping of Japanese Gomasio.

Wilted Kale Salad with Mushrooms and Red Onion
Curly Green Kale sliced fine, enough to fill a large heat proof salad bowl, taking out the large stems and veins
Slice ¼ medium red onion in thin slices
Slice 2 Cups of firm white button mushrooms 

Heat 1/3 Cup of light oil in sauté pan on medium heat
Add the sliced mushrooms sauté and stir frequently until you see the mushroom exuding juice
Quickly add ¼ Cup of Balsamic vinegar and cook for 2 minutes

Take off heat and add 1 heaping tsp of Dijon Mustard into the centre of the pan stirring well to mix
Quickly pour hot dressing over the kale and mix well
The Kale will turn a bright green.
Taste add more Balsamic dressing if needed
Add onions and toss lightly
To serve, grind Gomasio coarsely and sprinkle on top
In this way Gomasio tastes like bacon
This can be made ahead of time as the Kale holds up well if it is not eaten right away.

Japanese Gomasio
Rinse 1 cup of brown sesame seeds in sieve under tepid running water
Let drain
Use dry cast iron skillet –medium heat 
Cut dulse into small bits
Toast in pan until dulse is crisp
Add 1 tsp Celtic salt –ground fine
Up end sieve and dump in sesame seeds all at once
Spread over bottom of skillet and leave it to dry for a bit
Stir gently and fairly constantly (you may need to reduce heat)
This is ready when seeds are fragrant, slightly golden and hollow
Cool slightly and store in an airtight jar.
To release the calcium and minerals inside the seed, grind the seeds with a mortar and pestle or small coffee grinder just before serving.

Keep well_  Nelda

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Non Paying Tenants

Recently, people have been asking me about treatments to prevent parasites.  Parasites can be contracted from soil, foods, and contact with other people or pets. We have become quite accustomed to purchasing fruit and vegetables that originate from other countries. The 100 Mile Rule is a consumer movement that advocates only buying products that are from our own locality and one’s own ecology. 

My grandmother felt that parasites where a thing to be actively reckoned with.  Tonics and de-worming potions were routinely given in the spring and fall.  However, in my mother’s generation an unusual arrogance settled in.  For some reason, people began to believe that if we lived in a first world country, we were too sophisticated to have such visitors.  This was a great time to be alive if you were a parasite.

Opportunistic organisms such as viruses, bacteria and parasites are…well…. opportunistic.  That means if you give them an inch, they will take a mile.  Parasites don’t thrive well in a healthy body.  When our immune systems are strong and vigilant  and when our digestive systems have appropriate stomach acids and the enzymes are plentiful, we are more resistant to parasites are working well.

Many kinds of parasites but generally they fall into two groups; single celled or large body.  In children we find the very common parasites:  round worm and pin worm.  There are also single celled micro-organisms such as amoeba and protozoa that can cause misery.  In addition there is thread worm, tissue worms, tapeworm, flukes of all sorts, salmonella, neospora, just to name a few.

It isn’t just the parasites that cause us grief; it is the toxins they generate as well.  Many people with unresolved skin issues will find parasites and their toxins at the root of their problems.  Parasites may not be the first thing that occurs in a person’s body, but if the ‘digs’ are right, the parasites move right in.  Usually, parasites go hand in hand with other opportunistic overgrowths such as bacteria and Candida yeast and fungus.  This rogue ecology can really overwhelm the body’s elimination systems.

There are foods that are very effective for reducing infestations of parasites.  In the fall we have many foods available that help our bodies resist and eliminate parasites.  Raw pumpkin seeds are effective, as is garlic, cloves, apple cider vinegar, cranberry juice and pomegranates.  Calmyrna Figs are a great addition to the general diet.  If you have ever eaten a Fig Newton, you probably have noticed that when you chewed the seeds well, they felt like you were crushing glass.  These seeds damage the body of the parasites.

Wormwood is a herb that is effective in powder or capsule form.  This has been an age old remedy for parasites.  Another common herb that is a deterrent to parasites is Black Walnut.  I prefer this in a tincture form. Homeopathic Cina in low potencies can be effective to rid the body of parasites.  Also homeopathic complexes have been designed for helping to rid the body of parasite overgrowths,

It makes sense to re-build the body after a parasite cleanse.  Making a real effort to clean up the digestive tract can help the body to be more resistant to overgrowths.  Taking a supplement of bacteria with low toxin (such as acidophilus) helps to ‘fill the space’ and crowds out infectious bacteria, yeast, fungus and parasites. Having a wellness program in place that includes supplementing with digestive supports at every meal can really give our digestives systems the ‘edge’ against parasites taking hold.

As with every bit of advice, something may be generally true, but not necessarily specifically true.  If you feel that parasites may be at the root of a chronic concern, it is best to contact a health professional. 

Keep Well_