Monday, January 25, 2010

Nutritional Solutions for Winter Ravaged Skin

Many people at this time of year are noticing the discomfort of cracked fingers or are experiencing other weather irritated skin issues. It is important to remember that our skin is an organ. Our skin is responsible for regulation (fluids, temperature, and toxin removal) and protection. Basically it keeps our insides in and the outside, out.

With this in mind, it is important to nourish the skin from the inside out. Winter is a good time to supplement with essential fatty acids. When the body is nourished this way, you will notice a reduction of the need to use a topical moisturizing product, or that what you use topically will be more effective.

If you would benefit from intensive hand or foot treatments, I suggest buying a pair of light cotton gloves/socks. Slather on a heavy moisturizing product at bedtime and put them on to protect your bedding and keep the product on the affected area longer.
In respect to topical products, many natural based creams and ointments are available and are amazing in their ability to help heal the skin. A light application of Grape seed oil is a wonderful protection for dry irritated skin. The oil is more ‘skin friendly’ and is used by many massage therapists for this reason.
I keep a small vial of a mixture of Grape seed/Calendula oil handy. The benefits of Calendula are many. First, it protects the skin from bacteria entering deeper into the tissues. As an antiseptic, it reduces inflammation and itching of the skin. It takes the heat out of burns and soothes abrasions. Calendula also promotes and speeds healing. A light coating of this over my regular moisturizer provides a bit of extra protection before going outdoors.

It also stands to reason, to take precautions to clothe your self adequately when going out and about in cold climates. Gloves and scarves are a wonderful invention.
I am outdoors more; walking downtown or to my renovation site on a daily basis. I am also experiencing the drying effect of drywall dust on my skin and hair. At this time I am using Super EFA Liquid, Berry EFA Plus, Evening Primrose Oil, Black Current Seed based GLA. As well as nourishing my skin, I am nourishing my glandular system, nervous system and immune systems.

Be sure to keep well hydrated. Drink plenty of pure water. Also consume broth and teas on a regular basis. Also make sure that your trace minerals are up to snuff. I like to use sea vegetables (Gomasio) to meet this need. Minerals are responsible for holding water balance in our tissues.
Morning Smoothie
3 ounces pure water
½ banana
¼ cup frozen berries
½ ripe avocado (optional)
1-2 heaping Tablespoons protein powder (Rice Pro or Soy or Harmonized Vegan Protein
1 teaspoon Progressive Nutrition - Vegge Greens or Vegge Greens Blueberry Medley

1 Tablespoon Progressive Nutrition – Phytoberry Powder
1Tablespoon Berry EFA Plus (essential fatty acids)
1 Teaspoon Super EFA Liquid
Blend until smooth. Dilute down with more water as desired.
Use juice instead of water
Use peaches or any soft fruit
Use a purchased smoothie blend diluted half and half with water
Add 1 tablespoon organic golden flaxseed, freshly ground
Give this a try daily for two weeks and you will be amazed by the change in your skin.

Friday, January 8, 2010

What the Heck Is She Thinking!

Hold on to your sanity! She's renovating again!

About a year and a half ago, a friend was viewing my progress while I was painting my present apartment/office. She turned to her husband and said, "Lets buy a property in town and rent it to Nelda".

Well, due to many earth-shaking changes in their world, they did buy a rental property, and after a lot of soul searching, I have decided to...dare I say it....MOVE!

Its rather like having 2 pregnancies in one year. I'm really happy about it, but I know that a huge labour looms before me and my memory is too good. Thank goodness for the help of friends.

This building is just up a block from my present location. The building is Circa 1907, has tall ceilings and full bay windows on both levels. It's a WOW!

There are many pluses. No disruption overhead. One of my best chums is also my downstairs neighbour (who provides wonderful laugh filled tea breaks regularly while construction is in progress).

Her family-owned business was a lighting store, and she is well experienced in the art of cobbling together amazing creations out of Re-Store pieces. Our total budget for the entrance lighting is about $5.00.

Thrown (willingly?) into the deal is her partner who is an absolute wizard of all things pertaining to building, plumbing/heating/carpentry/electrical/drywall. So far he cheerfully and kindly responds to my call. He is teaching me how to skim plaster. The man is a saint!

I have every assurance that in this new location my business will be respected and supported in the way it deserves. This is going to be beautiful (trust me).

What a blessing! It will be wonderful to be back in the arms of loving kindness again. I am so looking forward to feeling settled. It will feel like my own. I'm thrilled.

Maybe the clincher is the TUB. It has that cute little rectangular rod above for attaching a shower curtain. 'She sighs'.

I love to design, paint and decorate. I have had 3 official interior design jobs in the past, 1 residential and 2 businesses.

This is your first view of my future home/business location.

I have given up trying to look like a girl. Drywall compound plays havoc with your hair, especially when afore mentioned hair defaults to frizz anyway.

This hole was just covered with a layer of wallpaper. When I scraped off the paper, about three cups of soot landing on my face and in my mouth. Yuk!

I do love working with paint effects on old plaster. I am so excited about the entryway.

I do apologize for not keeping up with my posts. Be assured that I am not keeping up with anything else either. But, stay tuned and you will be able to see the step by step progress as my team and I transform a 'sow's ear' into a 'silk purse' .