Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In A Tizzy

I remember when I was in a tizzy concerning my daughters health. I was beside myself. I thought 'tearing out your hair' was just an expression!

When my daughter was in pre-kindergarten, she just thrived. One year later, a month into kindergarten, everything fell apart. She was so exhausted. This usually very bright, animated and engaging child became dull and silent. When I realized that this was not just a passing thing, I got scared. My clinic doctor said that it was likely a lingering virus. I wasn’t satisfied with that answer. I looked further. We saw 13 different doctors within a 7 week period. I got thirteen different opinions which just added to my confusion and frustration. I thought I was going ‘out of my mind’.

In theory, I was in agreement with the whole ‘natural’ thing. Putting it into practice was harder as I didn’t have the family support. My (nurse/school teacher) family didn’t go too far 'outside the box'. In desperation, I decided try something completely different. I made an appointment with a woman who was an iridologist with a Herbal practice.

Things I found out:
My daughter was intolerant to cow’s dairy. She was allergic to wheat and had trouble digesting gluten (grain protein). (Lo-and- behold, me too! There went the chronic rhinitis and adult acne). Her intestinal system had been under stress for so long, she was mal-nourished. Checking back, I made the connection that her screaming with ear infections occurred after every scheduled vaccination.

I could have assumed that she was allergic to kindergarten, as this was the one thing that changed everything, but this was not so. Her little system was under heavy stress from the moment I introduced cow’s milk and gluten grains to her diet. I also found out that mornings at the baby-sitter’s were really upsetting to her. Having to proceed to School in the afternoon was just the ‘one more stress’ that broke the camel’s back.

Practical things were put into place. I deleted milk, cheese and all gluten grains. I added rice fibre to her diet (very gentle as she was a child), a Vitamins/Mineral supplement, introduced simple cleansing herbal formulas, added a digestive enzymes to each meal, and added liquid chlorophyll, (a gentle blood/liver/kidney cleanser that improves nutrition in the blood) to her drinking water. She was also transferred to the morning class, so that she would be able to nap and rest at home in the afternoon.

Parents are God-appointed health care providers. I encourage every parent to roll up their sleeves, and take back the responsibility, authority and privilege of this roll. Who else has the heart, the drive and the passion? Who knows your child as long or as well?

Seek out the health care ‘players’ that will help you put together the pieces of the puzzle. Be sure that they embrace the holistic model. Please don’t alienate your doctor, or expect them to embrace fully what you are doing, because at some point, in all likelihood you are going to be very, very grateful that they are on your team.

For me, the worst of things became the very best of things. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t fast. But at least it made sense! I had systematic tools in my hands with a clear goal and a purpose. I was also able to change worry into action. In retrospect - this adventure took me into a whole new area of study that totally changed me, my career and of course, opened the door to my daughter’s rich future.

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