Friday, September 4, 2009

A Body of Knowledge

For so many years we have been viewing our health in an odd way. Often what we think is going on is not necessarily how our body sees itself. We tend to under-estimate the subtle stresses from the past or present that affect our daily lives. Holistic Health is not about using new products in an old way. The ‘holistic model’ can provide a person with an integrative and whole way of looking at their health and their lives.

Over the last 28 years I have studied other modalities such as Iridology, Homeopathic Drainage, Flower Essence Therapy, One Brain Integration as well as Herbal and Nutritional therapies. I have explored Neuro-linguistic programming, Time Line Regression, Auricular Therapy, and Personality and Temperament Typing.

What I have realized is that our bodies have built in, natural self-regulating mechanisms. As long as our vitality is high and the body’s detoxification systems are functioning, all will be well in time. However if a person is fatigued; the toxic burdens are high or toxins are entrenched where the vital functions occur; it is hard for the body to turn around by itself. The body will however continue to invest its energy towards healing, even to the point of exhaustion.

It is important to understand the whole person in respect to healing and health. If a person is under stress emotionally, they may experience bio-chemical imbalances or physical imbalances or bio-electrical imbalances. If a person is under stress bio-electrically, it can affect them bio-chemically, emotionally, or physically. Understandably, a person who has been struggling with their physical health for a long time may also experience emotional stress. We are interesting creatures.

To be Holistic in approach and viewpoint, it is important to be able to view different aspects of the whole person. In this way ‘emotional work’, Flower Essence Therapy, or ‘energy balancing’ can have a huge impact on our well- being. We are Bio-chemical beings. Therefore it is important to support the body bio-chemically, and nutritionally as well.

Behavioral Kinesiology is a unique bio-electric system that allows us to dialogue with the huge amount of intimate knowledge that our body holds in its memory and awareness. It stands to reason that our bodies function with a sensory apparatus far beyond our conscious awareness. This dialogue with the human body also bypasses personal biases and preconceived notions held by either client or practitioner.

It is always important to address the root causes of imbalances. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and likewise, our health is restored and rebuilt over time, one success upon another.

Suggested Reading: Your Body Doesn’t Lie- John Diamond
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  1. What an interesting post about the heath, the body and in which way it communicates!