Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bio-Chemical Individuality

A friend phoned me the other day. She was all 'fired up' because she had heard that the powers that be had made an executive decision about not treating children with ear infections until 72 hours after onset. She vented at some length about what it would be like to listen to a child scream for days and feel totally abandoned, helpless and resource-less. She suggested that it was time that I got on the ‘cyber- soapbox' to tell the world about the natural alternatives. She said "people are ready for some serious information about natural remedies".

I do empathize with parents who are feeling frustrated while manageing their children’s health. Parenting is by far, our most demanding and time consuming role. The responsibily we carry on our shoulders is daunting. The irony is that this is the one role in our lives that we have little or no training in.

I know that this is the information age, and we are bombarded with it. But, dear readers, it is a harsh fact that 'fear sells' and this negative spin distorts most of everything we hear. Our challenge is that without a solid and practical knowledge base, we cannot discern if the information we are hearing is trustworthy. Further, how can we know if the information has specific value for us or our family.

Wellness from a holistic perspective embraces a totally different paradigm. There are a few challenges about giving specific instructions to a general audience. A Holistic Health viewpoint is not based upon the treatment, but upon the person. We are all different and every person’s overall state of being is subjectivly different. To encompass this 'whole person' view, we need to consider bio-chemical individuality.

What is Bio-chemical individuality? Natural therapists call this ‘terrain’. What this means is that we have different ancestors, with different genetic strengths and weaknesses. We have had unique birth and formative year experiences. Our nutrition and food styles are different. Our resistance to bacteria and viruses are uniquely our own. The emotional stressors we experienced and our resilience to these emotional stressors are different.

Trauma can be stored in our tissues. Many people have scars that interrupt the body’s electrical flow. It is interesting to note that no child under the age of two years old is allowed to be vaccinated in Japan. Many people have had vital organs and glands removed or tampered with.

Dental surgery has profoundly affected many people, bio-chemically and physically. Decades ago, the country of Sweden implemented a mercury-free policy for its children. Some individuals are more sensitive to mercury, heavy metals, radiation, or agricultural chemicals. Many people are using medications on an ongoing basis. It is unusual to find anyone over the age of 30 who is not on some form of prescription or over the counter drug.

When past health issues have been handled in a suppressive manner, some individuals may find that they do not respond as well to natural products as they had hoped. People’s expectations and attitudes are unique. We have different pain thresholds. Some people try natural products, expecting a drug type of response. Most people know more about the inner workings of their car, than their own bodies.

Part of my role as a Holistic Health Educator, is to help people to understand the basic functions of their bodies from a relational and holistic perspective. The more that we can understand about how our body functions, the more we can effectively support our body’s efforts. Education is an essential foundation. From there, specific resources will naturally fit into place.

The selection of natural remedies out in the world is vast, but what I have noticed over the last two decades is that families share an affinity. Some children will be more like Mom. Another child will be more like Dad, or perhaps a child will show a strong similarity to a grandparent. The acorn and the tree will respond well to similar remedies. For most families, their home-aid kits will consist of a small handful of homeopathic single remedies, a homeopathic plex or two, as well as few tried and true herbal products.

It may require a learning curve to become knowledgeable and may take time to become comfortable in your role as the health care provider for your family. It may stretch your mind and your faith a little. I can assure you from experience that there is a peace of mind beyond price that comes from understanding the basics that have proven their worth over time. Knowledge and wisdom are by far the most valuable resources.

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