Thursday, December 9, 2010

Peace on Earth

  Its Christmas again.  

The Old Fashioned Christmas seems to be beyond me
Every year I really intend to send out Christmas cards.  
I intend to mail gifts in time

I intend to connect with each and everyone of the people dear to me, near and far
I intend to decorate

I intend to wrap before December 25th. 
I intend to make my special Christmas candy
I intend to make cookies

Every year though, Christmas just sneaks up on me

The perfect solution is....this year I am going to have a Cyber-Christmas.  
This Christmas Season

  Wishing you a very happy holiday 
Best wishes for this coming New Year

What I do seem to be able to pull off every year without fail, is a batch of home-made Irish Cream  
Warning:  this is not a politically correct and healthy version, but it is good for the soul
Home Made Irish Cream (40 oz)
375 ml Rye Whiskey
1 can condensed sweetened milk (Eagle Brand)
500 ml heavy cream
500 ml half and half
1 egg raw
2 Tbs really strong coffee
1 tsp vanilla (or coconut, or almond) flavoring
Mix in blender.  It will store in the fridge indefinitely.  It tastes better made 3 weeks ahead of serving time. 

Keep well_ 

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