Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Beginnings

This is a time when most people are reviewing their past experiences and are making resolutions about what they are going to change about their future.   

I have one friend who’s whole family: children, siblings, in-laws and cousins are planning to run a marathon this coming summer at Disney World.  She has already started by researching a new (for her) stress-free running style called ‘bare foot running’. Tomorrow is her first scheduled training session.

On the cusp of the New Year, many people are making commitments to improving their food habits or are making promises to increase the amount of activity they experience.  Weight loss or more energy may be a hoped for goal.  In some way, a fresh start in improving ones health seems to be part of the intention. 

Very interesting stuff; sort of a New Years Revolution!

What we eat changes us

My first thought is that it is important to eat consciously. To me, health and food are profoundly inter-connected.  I like the taste of food.  It feels good.  But I also want to feel energy tingle down into my arms and fingers when I eat the right meal at the right time.   

I embrace the philosophy of moderation when it comes to what I ingest.  I never want to have to say to my body  ‘’I’m sorry’’.  I really want to tune into my body to discern what it needs to feel better, stronger, more peaceful and vital.

I do supplement my daily food intake with concentrated herbs vitamins and minerals.  The operative word is ‘supplement’.  Concentrated food supplements are designed to buffer temporary shortfalls in our daily diet. Taking pills will never make up for a poor lifestyle. Health products never make up for bad food or careless living.

Manage Your Health on a Daily Basis

When we look at our finances on a daily basis we can see how the cash comes in and how the accumulated supply gets spent and depleted.  Day by day we create our financial future. 

In the same way, how our body receives energy and how we invest that energy really shows over time by living it out day by day by the choices we make.  Good health isn’t magic.  It is usually just wise investments.

Hold more peaceful thoughts

I have a special category called ‘auto-generated’ stress.  This is the ‘fake’ stress we generate with our own thoughts and imagination. 

This is what prompted the famous author and humorist Mark Twain to state, ‘of all the awful things I have experienced, some of them really happened”.   This type of manufactured stress can really take a toll on our bodies resources.

My personal New Years resolution is to ‘laugh boisterously’.  I have been diligently practicing. 

Commit to small changes that yield big results over time

Our bodies work in 12 week cycles.  It takes a full 12 weeks to balance cholesterol in the blood vessels.  It takes 12 weeks to fully clear an infection.  It takes 12 weeks for the body to fully utilize nutrition.  It takes 12 weeks to fully heal a bone break. 

This time line is only true if the body has all the building blocks at its disposal that it needs.

The Human Body is a Self-Cleaning Mechanism

The human body does much better in its self care when it has a chance to clean house once every 7 days. In practical terms, this may mean that we plan to fast or eat lightly and carefully one day a week.  Our liver and kidneys function as the avenues of detoxification.  This break gives them a chance to catch up.

Food Complexes improve our health day by day

Factors such as environmental toxins, stress and excessive free radical exposure challenge us each and every day. Food complexes, such as green food concentrates as well as antioxidant complexes, used on a daily basis can dramatically decrease toxins and boost immunity over time.

Greens foods are highly alkaline, full of wonderful phytonutrients and should be considered one of the cornerstones of any supplement program.

Berries contain many of nature’s most potent antioxidants and phytochemicals, yet many of us fail to consume the optimal amounts necessary to maintain vibrant health. Free radicals are reactive compounds that can damage the cells that they come into contact with. Although impossible to avoid, we need to minimize our exposure to free radicals while simultaneously supporting our body’s ability to neutralize them. 

The human body likes nutrition delivered through infusions

Using these cleansing and nourishing teas can really help our bodies’ clean house.  Bija teas (marketed by Flora in Canada) are excellent an excellent choices. Variations on a Native Indian recipe for nourishing and cleansing the body systems and tissues are Essiac, Essigen or Florescence tea.  Some people like to research herbal handbooks and then build their own formulas from bulk natural herbs.

Our bodies are an amazing self-healing and self-cleaning mechanism.  However, how well this design works, depends on how we manage the equipment.

When we choose to live wisely and consciously, we can 'help our body help itself'.

Keep Well_

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  1. new beginnings are most welcome this year!!
    all the best to you
    ~laura xx