Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some Earthly Good

I eat books.  Some are consumed at one sitting, rather like enjoying a morning coffee that is good to the last drop.  Some are savored like a dessert; be careful that you don’t eat to fast because when it’s gone, it’s gone.  Action adventure books are like chips, taste one page and you have to eat the whole thing! 

Sometimes I read a whole book for one single line, phrase, or one paragraph that contains a message for me.  I just finished ‘Eat Love Pray’.  It was a sweet little read for sure.  But there was one paragraph that jumped out at me.  The author realized how she would repeatedly fall in love with other people’s potential.  This really got me to thinking.

When we are gifted, unusually attractive, exceptionally musical, remarkably fleet of foot or blessed with the gift of gab; these are not of our own doing.  These abilities are the potential we are born with. What is left for us to do in our life time is to harness and develop these gifts and use them to do some good on the earth.

When people praise my gifts, my creativity, or my intuition, (this is where the pictures in my head are directly attached to my tongue), this is rather like praising the nose on my face.  I can’t help it.  It’s not of my doing; it’s the way I was made.

What I am developing in this lifetime is wisdom and a strong knowledge base for these other talents to play in.  This is when intention, self-discipline and drive come in. Although I was raised in a family who esteemed wit and sarcasm, I have chosen to be kind and temper my tongue.  Responsibility is not just for driving the roads.  The tongue is a power- tool and words of power can be used to ignite and bless the lives of others.

Every one of us has a gift that we are born with.  This, on its own does not give us strength of character, or automatically endow us with admirable qualities such as honesty, loyalty, discernment or solicitude. We are not automatically trustworthy. 

In many cases, these gifts are used for selfish purposes.  This is sad really.  I view this as a form of cancer in society.  Gifts that are used to take advantage or consume others have containment and a limited scope of influence. These people, while they may have some degree of success in their lives, will never really shine in the way that their Creator intended.

I believe we have a responsibility to realize our own potential in our own lifetime.  We also have responsibility to protect, nurture and champion the gifts in others. 

I think that the real joys in life come from when we freely and openly share who we are with others, gifts and all.

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  1. Hi Nelda, read your blog about your dog. The food relationship makes total sense. One of my dogs was throwing up her kibble regularly even though it was organic with no wheat or additives dogs shouldn't have. I bought a dog cookbook about 2 months ago called "Three White Dogs" I have been making food for my 2 dogs ever since with organic ingredients. They have never been healthier or happier. Another thing people do not realize is that dogs lick floors and what ever you use to clean the foor they are consuming. I'm so happy to have switched all of my cleaning to Enjo fiber clothes a while back. No chemicals just water. My chihuahua's are a year old and off to a fabulous start. I'm confident that they will not be the 1 in 4 dogs that develope cancer. I just wanted to share this with you. I have been called "crazy" for making my own dog food and then I read your blog! Karen Dallas
    P.S. I also think the water you give your dog is important too. You drink clean water and so should your dog. I actually will only drink and give my dogs my well water. Chemically treated water doesn't sit right with me so I bring my own water where ever I go.