Friday, October 30, 2009

The Allergy-Addiction Cycle


When someone says that they’re ‘in a mood’, they may be ‘in a food’.  Eating is the action where we literally take something outside of us and bring it into the most inner part of our beings.  At the food trough, we do not often stop to consider the impact of food choices on our thoughts and emotions. 

A child can turn into a real Jekyll and Hyde
If you experience serious food cravings, the chances are that you are also allergic to these same foods.  This allergy/addiction cycle can create dramatic mood swings.

A child can turn into a real ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ when they consume such things as sugar, chocolate, milk, pop or wheat.  If behavior is an issue, take the time to consider what they have been eating in the last 24 hours.  Look for a definite ‘high and crash’ pattern.

One adult told me that they were less aggressive and felt less frustrated when they reduced the amount of meat in their diet.  Another individual claimed that although they had been feeling tired and depressed, they could think more clearly and optimistically when all refined sugar and wheat were eliminated.

Take the time to visit Health food stores and ask questions. Investigate ‘allergy free’ and ‘Organic’ groceries and products.  Take the time to interview, read and study.

Sometimes, the smallest of changes can bring us closer to balance and health.

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