Friday, November 27, 2009

Holistic Help for 'Younging' the Aging and Elderly

People often think that little improvement can be expected for people of age.  This is far from the truth.  There are however, areas of special concern for the elderly.  The first thing to consider is the effect of the accumulated toxic burden on the body.  Because entrenched toxins diminish the function and energy of our body, they can diminish our quality of life.  These toxins are often deep, layered and entrenched.

The next thing to consider is the likelihood of malnutrition, not just from a poor diet, but from the diminished absorption because of low function in the digestive system and lack of enzyme function.   Lowered energy or vitality, is often why the body will cannibalize its resources over time.  This is especially true of the glandular system, and the structural system.

In regard to the toxic burden,  Green food complex such as Greens + and Vegge Greens offers a huge broad spectrum of nutrition as well as supplying enzymes, pro-biotics, essential fatty acids and digestive tonics.  These complexes contain Phosphatidylserine, Phosphatidylinositol, and Phosphatidylcholine which feed the brain.  Drainage teas such as Esiac, Florescence and Essigen not only help to relieve the toxic burden over time, but are a good choice to protect the cells of the body from these toxins.

Essential Fatty Acids are also necessary to nourish the brain, nervous system, glandular and hormonal system.  These EFA’s are not created by the body and must come from the diet.  EFA’s help to lubricate the joints and reduce joint inflammation.  Unfortunately, when people have had their gall bladders surgically removed, they will remain unable to process any fats in the diets for their whole lifetime.  This includes the healthy and essential fats.  Taking a digestive enzyme that contains Bile Salts will be a helpful addition to emulsify fats.

Antioxidants are essential for anti aging.  Co-enzyme Q 10 has been proven to support the cardio-vascular system.  Network antioxidants such as Phytoberry work by protecting the cells in every system of the body.

In regard to nutrition, aging and fatigue of the digestive system can diminish the body’s absorption.  Good nourishment can be obtained by getting creative.  A smoothie drink that contains rice based free-form amino acids as well as Vegge Green and Phytoberry and be an amazing boost to a chronically undernourished system.  Consider investing in a juicer. Carrot or a combination of carrot, apple and beet juices can really perk up anyone and will be a creative solution for those who have trouble chewing. 

Bio Strath from Bio-force is a good choice for really nourishing and strengthening an exhausted digestive system.    There are homeopathic singles and plexes that help to enhance the body’s glandular and organ strength.  There are tonics to support and energize the vital function of the body.  Magnesium is the first choice for muscle spasms. 

Not everything that we put in our mouth benefits the body.  Minerals are especially difficult for many people to absorb.  Tissue or Cell Salts in a 6x or 12x potency are the most body-friendly way of providing mineral nutrition easily and effectively on a cellular level.  For this reason, this is something to consider for young and old.

 A zest for life is a huge factor for people of any age.  Passion is an essential ingredient for good health and long life.  There is no substitute for meaningful work, dynamic relationships and the love for learning.  This is true at any age.  Somehow we think that our elders should learn to get on without these essential aspects of life. 

I have good friends who live in a retirement community.  They asked if I would ever consider moving there.  I said to them, “Do you really want to hear what I have to say?”  I went on to say that although they had a lovely village in a wonderful location with great people but, I viewed it as an ‘Age Ghetto’.

I feel that it is unfortunate for the rest of us in society when the most experienced, skilled and resourced citizens are being segregated within a gated community where they can only minister to one another. To me this is the have giving to the have. Philosophically, I feel that an integrated community is a healthy community.  The young and the old need each other.  Since I am closer to being the later rather than the former, I hope this is true. 

I must also point out that aging and maturing are not necessarily the same thing.  Without a maturing of spirit, we unfortunately just get old.  A friend of mine once, promoted me in the nicest way.  She said “even though Nelda has lived 50 years, she hasn’t lived the same year 50 times”.  

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