Monday, November 23, 2009

Canine Health

Once you have known one of these creatures as a best friend, you will never be the same.

We had just adopted our border collie in April.  On the second day of September, my mom, after a lengthy decline, died.  In October our dog was diagnosed with mammary carcinoma.  We were all worn out and distraught.

I was referred to a Naturopathic vet, who refused to see my dog unless the dog was being fed real food from organic sources.  She had no time for pet owners who used manufactured food.  She believed that most of the health problems with pets were diet related. 

We followed her advice and treatment protocols, and thankfully, my Border collie remained in remission from cancer for almost 13 years until her death from old age.

Natural Dog Food

The amounts aren’t really important, as long as the consistency is ok.  Cook this up in a slow cooker on low.  Can be frozen in small batches in air tight containers.

1 lb or so of organic beef or lamb
Such as liver, kidney, ox tail, tongue, stewing beef, or hamburger
2 cups organic whole grain barley or organic brown rice
2 cups or so of organic vegetables (carrots, squash, yams)
1 or 2 cloves garlic
1 to 3 teaspoons of Dulse or Kelp sea vegetable
Add a small amount of peas or green beans
Left over (bland) roasted meat would be ok

Avoid:   tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, corn, onions, wheat, oats, salt or spices and human left-overs
Mix the food with hot water to make it stew-like, and then when it cools, add in any supplements.
One of the best supplements for dogs is called ‘The Missing Link’.  This is available from Health food Stores.  (There is also a cat formula.  In addition, Kelpmate is a great supplement for cats.  Kelp is essential for cats.)

These can be easily added to your pet’s food when it has cooled to eating temperature:
Vegge Greens (a sprinkle)
Phytoberry (a sprinkle)
Bone Meal (New Zealand source) (in the Missing Link)
Desiccated Liver (in the Missing Link)
Ground organic golden flax seed – this goo is amazing to relieve constipation for dog and human alike.
Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils (in the Missing Link)
A few fresh raw peas, carrot shavings or green beans, in season

Adult dogs usually do well with 1 meal a day as long as it arrives at a consistent time.

I usually provided a morning meal of yogurt or keifer.  I would add the Vegge Greens to the yogurt.

Dogs respond well to Echinacea, bee propolis and oil of oregano, homeopathic plexes and homeopathic single remedies.  Many herbs are also very effective for dogs who are feeling under the weather.

One winter morning I noticed blood in my dog’s urine.  I then noticed that her shoulder area felt hotter than usual.  Right away I gave her homeopathic Cantharis, waited 10 minutes then  I put 20 drops of a herbal kidney drainer (Common Mallow Combination #1) in a little water on a saucer for her to lap up. Keep in mind that my dog was about 40 pounds in weight.

I stared giving her a homeopathic complex called Febriplex, which helps the body work with fevers. I also put 5 drops of oil of oregano in her yogurt. After I started this program she still had one very obvious red pee, but from then from then on she was a right as rain. 
I kept up the oil of oregano for about 5 days, reducing it to about 2 drops, and kept up with the herbal remedies for about 2 weeks.

I always assume that there is something deeper out of whack for the acute situation to take hold.  After the crisis day or so I would start on a program to really clean up the urinary system.  Like humans, yeast, fungus and bacterial residues are often an underlying concern.  In this case I used a flush for the ‘plumbing’ consisting of Unda # 44 and Fungisode along with the Common Mallow Combination #1.

Just as with people, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.

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