Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pre and Post Surgery Suggestions for the Naturally Inclined

I tend to hang around with a healthy crowd who abhor unnecessary medical intervention. However, occasionally there may be a time to consider surgery as the best option of treatment.  

One of my friends (who is a health and exercise nut) had to make a serious choice around her worsening scoliosis. In my own life, it was an emergency C-Section. My client's son had severely impacted wisdom teeth that has to be dealt with. 

Even purists sometimes have to take this long road

Surgery can be a reasonable the answer when we are looking at increased suffering over the long haul without it. If surgery is how it has to go down, the best path is to be fully prepared and resourced going into it.

Go into it as well rested
Surgery is rather like running a long race; the better shape you are going into it, the better shape you will be coming out of it. Toned tissue bounces back easier. This means don’t stop moving. Try to keep being as active as possible.

Be as well-nourished as possible
Most people go into surgery already nutritionally starving. Pre-surgery is no time to be counting calories. You need to stock up on quality nutrition beforehand.

What you need is optimal nutrition to maximize your healing potential

Protein is the body’s building blocks for healing tissues. Finding sources of plant protein may be helpful. This can be beans and legumes, quinoa, nuts and seeds. I like Harmonized Vegan Protein by Progressive Nutrition. Is has for instance, yellow pea, cranberry seed, chia seed, rice and hemp proteins. It is easy to digest and tastes great. It is an easy addition to any smoothie recipe.

Network Antioxidant
 Free radicals are what damage our cells and a good quality network antioxidant is essential for optimal healing.

Essential Fatty Acids
Essential fatty acids feed our brain, spine and nervous systems as well as our immune system. EFA’s also reduce inflammation.

Trace Minerals
Trace minerals are essential for healing.  Zinc in particular is vital for cell repair and regrowth. Without it, we do not heal quickly.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen in our bodies.  Top up on a good quality Ester C with Bioflavanoids (circulation support) up to a month before your treatment date. Delete for 3 days before your surgery. Then as soon as possible after, continue with Vitamin C again. I like Progressive Nutrition Vitamin C complex. It is a totally food sourced Vitamin C with food sourced Bioflavanoids. I also like Emergen-C. It comes in 1,000 mg sachets that are easy to mix in water if your wee patient is groggy or unable to do much more than take sips of water. The recommended amount of Vitamin C is 1,000 mg 3x daily.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A increases the strength of our cell membranes. It also reduces our risk of infections.

Co-Enzyme Q 10
This antioxidant helps support our oxygen uptake.

High fiber
If your diet is high in fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, nuts and seeds, you will be in good shape. What you don’t want is a lot of sudden change in diet that adds constipation to your list of grievances. Pre-plan meals and have them brought in to you especially if you have to stay in hospital for more than a day.  Don’t expect an industrial kitchen to have health in mind or bend to your needs or preferences.

Vitamin E mixed tocopherols
Try to source out a natural form of Vitamin E. Mixed Tocopherols are more complete for the body’s needs. This helps our tissues to be more elastic.
Bach Rescue Remedy for trauma and shock
This is easy to have in your pocket. You can put drops under the tongue or put a drop or 2 on the wrist. You can even put a drop or two in the navel.

Probiotics are essential after surgical procedures. This is even more so if antibiotics have been routinely given. I would suggest starting with HMF which is a unique human strain. You can use others, but this is the best front line choice.

Protein Digesting Enzymes
I recommend Bromelain Papain+ to reduce scaring. This is not the surface of the skin, but the deep tissues where scar tissue can impair natural function and communication in the body for decades to come. This enzyme formula also reduces inflammation. In this instance it would be taken away from food.

Oil of Oregano and Grapeseed Extract
Thwart infections that often have the hospital as its source. An easy way to take either of these is to open a Vitamin C capsule and add 1 drop of Oil of Oregano or extract. Put the capsule back together and take with water.

Water is essential when you are flushing medications out of the body. I like adding Emergen-C  to help this along further. Rather than downing lots of water at once, make as your goal to drink 2 ounces every half hour.

Dental/Wisdom Teeth
To remove local freezing use homeopathic Hypericum 30k, 1 dose every 15 minutes. Alternate the Hypericum with homeopathic Arnica 30 k. Wait 5 minutes between doses. Arnica helps to reduce fluid bruising and swelling. Wound healing – Hypericum MT

General anesthetic most natural physicians recommend Vitamin C.

Other factors may improve your healing experience

Go into this as well rested and overall as healthy as you can. Learn all you can about the procedures you are facing and do your research.  Find out all you can about how to speed and enhance your healing.

Peace and happiness is the perfect environment for healing Surround yourself with positive people. Legislate for yourself a ‘zero-negative-word zone’. As soon as someone starts to talk about their awful hospital experience or their ills aches and pains or what medications they are on or how they or someone they knew almost died and ……well, you get the picture. Nip it in the bud. You don’t need to hear it and they don’t need to share it.

Focus on Your Goal and Aim For a Positive Outcome

Your goal should be to bounce back quickly and easily. Our body works and heals in 12 week cycles. Continue your nutrition throughout those pivotal 12 weeks. Try gentle stretching or even a yoga program to get you back to yourself.

I may have forgotten to mention a bijillion things here, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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