Saturday, April 19, 2014

New Growth

Spring is time for new growth. This is particularly true for me this year. I enrolled myself in a business school.

I chose Marie Forleo as my mentor, with her B-School on line program.  After six whirl-wind weeks in, I am so glad I made this decision.

For decades I have avoided technology as part of my business function. In doing so I have not taken advantage of all the ways to make business run easier and smoother. Learning curve? You bet!

I had been on the fence trying to decide to sign up or not. 

A friend said to me 'What doesn't challenge you, won't change you".

The truth is that as long as we stay within our comfort zone, nothing new will happen. This is my twenty fourth year in the holistic health industry.  I was too comfortable and I didn't like it. I was loosing the passion for my work. I was not communicating in the way of the world today and  I was feeling disconnected.

I have a few surprises that I would like to tell you about

The first is that I have a website up. It is 90% there in regard to function. No one is more surprised than me! I used and it is an a blog format.  With help from my friends, I have done much of this myself. A big thank you to Amy Zoethout of Huron Image Factory, and Katrina Bos from East Street Station This begs the question; do I transfer my blog over to WP, or leave it as is?

If you want to come over for a visit,  to my website, it would be great if you would do that. You can also sign up to receive regular newsletter updates. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

Why Did I Create This Blog?

I started this blog in 2009 to support client services. This was to inform and educate clients who were already in a healing program. Someone would ask a question and it just made sense to answer it once; really well and store it in an online library. Over time I have created a well equipped library of resources on this Blogspot address.

What I Have Done

The title of this blog site,( where you are now) is 'Thoughts About Life and Healing'. This blog and my website are now linked.  On the home page on my website, the menu item to reach this blog is called  'Help at Hand'.

I will continue to add in depth information to this blogspot and I am categorizing it as such. I will also be writing blog posts on my website that will be connected to my newsletter subscriptions. As ever, things may morph as we go along, but for now, this feels fine to me. Just know that there will not be duplication of posts.

Now for the surprise I didn't want.

A friend mentioned that she got a mess of posts from me in her email inbox. It looked like a whole bunch of posts all together. If this happened to you, I do apologize. This is what happened. Once I decided to keep this blogspot site happening, I went into my posts lists and started to edited my early posts. I didn't want 'blog site shame'. I thought I was just updating the posts, but I suspect it was re-posting and sending them out to my subscribers. Yikes!

These updates did not show in my system as recent posts so I was unaware. I won't be trying that again any time soon!

So for you Followers, near and far, thank you so much for your interest and encouragement over the years. Thanks to all you subscribers. People tend to email me and give generous feedback and discussion about posts I have written. These tend to bypass the comment box and stay private. I do love it when people chew my words. I love it when they share with their friends.

I will sign off for now with a thought:

"The greatest gift we can give the world is to explore what God has made possible in us."

Be well

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