Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Minimalist Mindset

"Most men appear never to have considered what a house is, and are actually though needlessly poor all their lives because they think that they must have such a one as their neighbors have. …

Shall we always study to obtain more, and not sometimes be content with less?" ― Henry David Thoreau

While most people are in search for more and more stuff, there are some of us who crave to have less.

It takes a brave soul to embark upon sizing down, and streamlining their lives.  The rewards of a minimalist mindset however are great.

I am a passionate following of Small Homes, Tiny Homes and owner build homes and spaces.  I love to see the result of a space that the owners have created to fit a lifestyle, rather than the reverse which is often true.

I have been a renter for most of my life.  In many cases, the homes that we live in shape our lives.  I know a few people who cannot hang a shirt in their back yard.  Some are unable to have a home vegetable garden. Many people live in environments which are not sustainable.  Many of us live in homes that do not embrace. enrich or nourish, but instead, warp and demand.  Bottom line; most homes are expensive and they are work.  A lot of work.

To live small requires the minimalist mindset; to be able to reduce one's possessions to be exactly what is currently needed; no more, no less.  I have been looking at design and the design of spaces for decades. The spaces that appeal to me visually are the ones that understand function and aesthetic; the perfect balance of function and beauty.

Clutter does not work in a small living or working space.  The 'eye' searches for clean lines, and order; areas that invite with purpose and intention.

Click here to see here to see a few of my favourite spaces....and also here and also here.

Those of us in small spaces value their personal time and are mindful of how they use personal time.  One young home builder says "a small space allows for cooking food, hygiene and intellectual pursuits".  I think it also creates intimacy, with oneself and one's companions.

So the criteria is not 'how small', but 'how authentic.

Keep well

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