Thursday, July 21, 2011

Every Little Thing

Sometimes some little thing has occurred.  Perhaps it is consuming food that is a little off or perhaps it is a parasite that affects your digestion suddenly.  Maybe a viral infection has set in quickly.  These are the kinds of acute conditions that respond well to fast, dramatic and heroic measures.  Easy come; easy go.

Chronic conditions in the human body that have occurred over a long time may be tied up with lifestyle excesses or profound nutritional shortfalls.  This must be approached completely differently.  In these situations, a customized healing plan over a longer period of time must be developed. 

Our health is managed on a daily basis.  Here is an analogy.  When we look at our finances on a daily basis we can see how the cash comes in and how the accumulated supply gets spent and depleted.  Day by day we create our financial wealth. 

In the same way, our body receives core nutrition and undertakes its internal healing processes day by day.  We build our health and stamina by managing it day by day.

Many people are strong stuff.  They are living out the legacy of their ancestors.  If your parents and grandparents had a lot of vital reserve, lucky you!  You inherited that.  If your genetic legacy has strong immunity, chances are you are going to have inherited that too. Here’s the thing; unless you continue to contribute to this resource, you take the chance of draining it dry.  This genetic depletion can occur in the lifetime of one generation. 

Year ago, I had the privilege of assessing the health of two people who were unrelated to each other.  Both happened to be children of concentration camp survivors in Europe during WW II.    They were both surprisingly strong adults but the one thing they did have in common was an unusually high need for minerals on an ongoing basis.  It was as if their bodies had lost the capacity to store minerals effectively. 

I found this to be curious.  If we have starvation and famine as part of our legacy, how does this change our personal needs?  Another shaping factor is when our genetic DNA shows evidence of a past disease in the family line that weakens the DNA.  For example, this could be the weakening effect of Tuberculosis or Syphilis.  This potential weakening becomes part of our legacy.  What happens when an ancestor has had immune breakdown or nervous system collapse?  What can we do to build our own legacy?

Clean up the terrain
Terrain is a term used by holistic practitioners to describe our foundation, genetic, congenital and acquired. In other words ‘the ground we grow in’.  Often people become burdened by the toxins from unresolved infections, or pathogenic overgrowths.

We have different ancestors, with different genetic strengths and weaknesses.  We have had unique birth and formative year experiences.   Our nutrition and food styles are different. Our resistance to bacteria and viruses are uniquely our own.  The emotional stressors we experienced and our resilience to these emotional stressors are different.  We have different pain thresholds.

Trauma can be stored in our tissues, or surprisingly, not.  Many people have scars that interrupt the body’s electrical flow.  Many people have had vital organs and glands removed or tampered with.

Dental surgery has profoundly affected many people, bio-chemically and magnetically.  Some individuals are more sensitive to mercury, heavy metals, radiation, or agricultural chemicals.  Each of us has a unique response to vaccines and their toxins.

So many people have been using medications on an ongoing basis that it is unusual to find anyone over the age of 30 who is not on some form of prescription or over the counter drug.  When past health issues have been handled in a suppressive manner, some individuals may find that they do not respond as well to natural products as they had hoped.  Some people use natural products, all the while expecting a drug effect.

Building our reserve has a lot to do with modifying the excess we have become accustomed to, or worse, addicted to.  This may include food excesses or even an excess of sloth.  Some people have become so accustomed to junk food that their digestion can no longer handle the big job of digesting real food.

A little comment on what is real food
When most of the mainstream is encouraging us to read our food labels carefully, I suggest to you that real food doesn’t have labels.

I have a food category that I call ‘glue’.  Anything that has been processed (including flour) is in the glue zone.  In point of fact the term ‘cereal’ identifies whole grains, not the stuff in a box.  I have no issue with fun food that is great for celebrations.  My concern is what happens when this ‘party food’ becomes our foundation for health.

Many people have lost the capacity to digest.  People can’t digest grains anymore, they can’t digest protein, and they have huge issues with Candida and other overgrowths in their digestive tracts.  This is huge.  Our digestive factory is the core area of our survival.  Metabolic dysfunction can be expressed as liver, skin, respiratory or sinus congestion.  A broken digestion system may show over time as stress in other systems such as joint issues, constipation, and proneness to infection or constant fatigue

Liver support products and digestive enzymes are great short term helpers; however, what is required is a total re-education of the whole digestive process.
Underlying almost every food allergy is an ‘inability to breakdown and digest’.  When we take measures to unburden and heal our digestive system and restore the appropriate healthy bacteria, we can restore our immune systems back to health simultaneously.  This is a process that can only be accomplished by gentle measures over time.

When our personal health profiles show evidence of  imbalances that did not occur in a day, we can cause ourselves further stress by approaching our health care in a quick fix way.  The body’s response is to mask the symptoms, move the symptoms to another system, or bury the symptoms deeper.  In fact we can make our situation worse.

It is the small improvements over time that will restore the body back to balance.
Keep Well_

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