Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Take a Walk on the 'Y Side'

It’s a Guy Thing.  
What I have noticed over the last 20 years as a general observation is that men tend to be quite shy about their personal health complaints.  They will ignore the small warnings, and then get prompted to action when they are desperate.   

Many men are undernourished. For some men this can also be accompanied by general overfeeding.  This is unwise if one’s occupation and lifestyle are sedentary. 

 When I speak about being undernourished, what I mean by this is that the quality of nutrition does not meet the daily demands of an individual’s particular lifestyle. 

Some men have an occupation or hobby that puts their activity in the league of semi-athletics. These individuals have different needs and extra demands.  However their food styles and supplementation may in fact not at all reflect this. An example of this is the increased need for antioxidants with an active lifestyle.  Exercise creates more of the damaging free radicals.  Therefore, the need to protect the tissues of the body is greater for highly active people.  This accounts for the ‘leather skin’ look you see in aging athletes.

Toxins in the Workplace
Some common male-gender occupations have a very toxic component. This isn’t just a guy’s issue, as toxins in the workplace can affect both genders.  Most health issues tend to creep up on people slowly over time, even decades.  It is typical to see a decline in vitality and immunity over time as the body’s toxic load accumulates.  The body seems to be running ok for many years, then all of a sudden- problems! 

The Prostate
Any urinary issues will affect the prostate as well.  The genito-urinary system is named such because the reproductive system in men and women drains through the urinary plumbing.

A common issue for younger men involves hot swelling.  This inflammation could be infection, either bacterial, fungal/yeast or mixed infections.  Women frequently experience Vaginitis and cystitis. Prostatitis is the inflamed counterpart for men.  Women just tend to be more vocal about it.  Infections can be swapped back and forth in an intimate relationship. 

Dr. Alfred Vogel, while touring the Florida landscape many years ago, noticed a ram chewing on a particular plant.  The animal exhibited obviously swollen nether-regions.  During the following days he noticed the same animal foraging on the same plant.   The swelling on the ram were noticeably going down.  Dr. Vogel had the driver stop so he could take a look at the plant up close.  This was the Saw Palmetto plant. 

Saw Palmetto as well as the herb Pygeium Africanum, has been found to be very effective for men to take preventatively.  Swelling that comes with age, is a cold swelling. Imagine how a pearl is created over time.  As the prostate enlarges, it gradually diminishes and urinary flow. 

According to one Bioforce (Vogel Health products) rep, Saw Palmetto will prevent the gradual enlargement of the prostate when taken over time.  If the prostate has enlarged over time, the swelling won’t reduce, but it won’t get worse.

Chronic swelling can combine with the additional aggravation of hot swelling.  It may happen as a result of honeymoon syndrome, as an effect of excess beer tasting, or with the onset of an acute urinary infection.  In acute situations, Saw Palmetto is most effective in tincture form.  One could also try Sabal Serrulata which is the same herb in homeopathic form. Saw Palmetto has great value for men of every age.

I have noticed that men don’t tend to be as motivated as women in regard to taking supplements preventatively and pro-actively.  I say generally, because in all honesty, I have seen many gentlemen clients throughout the years that were very diligent in regard to their health and well being. 

Perhaps I tend to attract motivated women, and more motivated men go elsewhere? 

That’s a thought!
Keep well

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