Friday, July 9, 2010

There is No Such Thing as a Small Thing

In my world, there is no such thing as a small thing.  Small adjustments in our lifestyle can gain huge benefits.  Let me tell you a story:

I had a history of sinusitis, rhinitis, and tonsillitis as a child.  In fact, I have lymph scaring from repeated tonsillitis.  I was also repeatedly treated with antibiotics.  By the age of 12, I had the appearance of very angry looking adolescent acne.  This misery continued through most of my 20’s.  For a time, I was under the care of a dermatologist who put me on (Tetracycline) a wide-spectrum antibiotic for at least 5 years.  He would often give my breakouts local injections of cortisone

My digestive system and menstrual become wonky (now I recognize the typical signs of Candida and yeast overgrowth).  I took my self off the medication, before I found that I was pregnant, thank God, but unfortunately, my baby still had the signs of Candida yeast as well (cradle cap, thrush and a wicked chronic diaper rash).

In hind sight, this is what I know about myself. 

I was very allergic to cigarette smoke.  When I was growing up, both of my parents smoked inside the home.  My Dad quit at some point, probably when I was near my teens, but my Mom continued to smoke for the rest of her life.  When I was in my early 30's, I had a session with a Specialized Kinesiologist to reverse the allergy to cigarette smoke.  It worked very well.  Now I don’t like being in a smoky environment or smelling it on other people's clothes, but at least it doesn’t ‘zone me’.  I have to be honest here and admit that I smoked as well, off and on throughout my 20’s.  Cigarettes make me feel really sick, no matter who smokes them.

I am intolerant of cow’s dairy.  I don’t have any acute reactions to dairy.  Rather it congests me over time, and if I keep ingesting it, I begin to get cysts under the skin of my face, chest and upper back. I was fed cow’s milk from the time I was born.  It was in every desert and sauce, and a staple in the home where I grew up.  I loved milk!  I love cheese!

I am very allergic to oranges and kiwi fruit.  I break out in weeping hives almost immediately.  It used to appear on my face, but fortunately, if I get a reaction now while really being vigilant about avoiding most fruits, I just get a small breakout on my butt.  I loved orange juice, and drank it happily every day!

My first solid food as an infant was Pablum, wheat and other grain mush.  Like most of Blood-type A’s, I am also sensitive to wheat and have trouble digesting gluten (grain based proteins).  When eaten over time, wheat causes me to feel very fatigued, constipated and congested as well.  I have more energy and my elimination is better if I ingest wheat very sparingly.

I don’t want to be overly simplistic here, and don’t assume that this is a Formula.  We are all created differently.  However, if my mother had known some small things about me, my health would have taken a better turn.

I manage my own health now.  I do small things like prefer ‘smoke free’ environments, avoid cow’s milk and restrict my intake of cheese and frozen dairy treats, only have moderate amounts of yogurt and butter.  I eat very little wheat and limit other gluten grains.  I avoid oranges and kiwi like the plague.  I am very moderate with other fruits and eat them in season.

Just little things.

Keep Well_

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