Thursday, April 1, 2010

Visiting Another World

For me, visiting Texas was like visiting another world.


I had gone hoping I would be able to brush up on the 'Texas Two Step', but got no closer than the local grocery store.

What a store! 
 This is to prove that you can get artichokes almost as big as your head.
According to local residents, there are 5 seasons in West Texas:
Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring, and March! The weather ran through the gamut of very comfortably  warm, hot and dry, rain torrents, snow sleet and hail, windy, .......and this was just within less than a week.

When we left Lubbock to embark upon the 2 hour trip to the Palo Duro Canyon, it was about 71 degrees.  By the time we got there, the temperature had dropped to 2 degrees above freezing.  We were able to catch the trail-ride at 4  p.m.,but the 6 o'clock ride was canceled due to a sudden appearance of winter.  
Even though we were prepared for the ride with about 3 layers of clothing, we had not factored in a 70 degree drop in temperature. The operators very kindly gave us the loan of thick hoodies so that we wouldn't perish during the ride.  No chance of getting lost here!


The very flat, unremarkable landscape was made beautiful by the express ways that travel though the city.  A marvel of engineering as well.  I was driving in unfamiliar turf very happily.  I am going to load up on photos, and just leave the pictures to speak for themselves.


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