Friday, August 28, 2009

What if You Could Skip the Cancer

Katrina Bos, who was my co-trainer for ‘The Quantum Life Seminars’ has written a book.

It feels weird to say friend wrote a book...Her marvelous book is called 'What if You Could Skip the Cancer?', and is published by Ferne Press. This is Katrina’s own personal healing story.

Unexpectedly this is also an enlightening tour into the world of Quantum Science, Chaos Theory, Psychology, the Mind/Body Connection, and Interpersonal Dynamics.

Who knew that science and deep philosophy could be so user friendly?

Katrina's thoughts are that often, illness is a call from our souls, asking us to really and authentically LIVE. As one client said to me “why do we always have to wait until a piano falls on our head?”

Katrina’s book has been praised and endorsed by Dr. Bernie Siegel. I consider this book to be ‘good medicine’ for ‘getting ourselves sorted out’, and I recommend it highly for those who are ready to embark on a healing journey.

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